SidingOur craftsmen are artists in the way they bend and mold trim to maintain the original character, beauty, and aesthetic of the home. You can always tell a DAllen project by the beauty and precision of its trim. It is the single element that separates the true vinyl craftsmen from all the rest.

Things to consider when choosing vinyl siding on your home:

When choosing siding for your home, you want to make sure you answer the important questions before beginning your project, to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful installation that adds to the character of your home, and suits your budget perfectly. We take great pride in educating our clients and promise to assist you along the way with any and all siding-related decisions. Here are a few to consider:

The possibilities are nearly endless with today’s products and our vinyl carpentry skills.

What questions do you have about siding on your home? What type of siding are the best?

Siding not only increases the value of your home but also makes it more energy efficient and comfortable for you and your family. Our skilled professionals can remove and dispose of old siding with minimum intrusion.

We will only install quality siding products. It’s not worth the trouble installing inferior products and then having to spend more time and money replacing them later.

We offer sales and installation of siding in all of the Western New York area. Contact us for an estimate to start your Home Improvement project today! Call 716-683-5757.

~  Testimonial   (01/26/2017 – Lois Potts)
I have had D Allen & Sons for several jobs, going back to 1985 when they sided my home. It still looks as new as it did back then. I recently had a piece of the siding blow off in a high wind. One of the boys came out and repaired it using part of the piece that blew off as well as a piece that was in my garage for low these many years. You can’t tell where the repair was made. Also, in 2008 they did my roof. It was a tear off and then new roof. The work was done in a day and half, everything cleaned up and good as new. 2 years later I had them come out and put up new gutters (should have had it done with the roof, but my mistake). I would recommend them to any one for any kind of job. They are prompt, professional, their prices are right on, and do excellent work. In fact, on my recommendation, they did our church roof. Don’t look any further than this company as they are the best.

   ~Mrs. Lois Potts Williamsville, New York

Look at vinyl siding styles to choose what’s right for you.